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Strategic Advisor



Certified Trainer by the Ministry of Human Resources (Malaysia) with over 30 years of experience in management and senior management in American corporations covering Supply Chain, Organizational Development & Design, and Continuous Improvements.


A savvy and versatile trainer, Sailesh comes with vast experience stretching from the refining to electronics manufacturing. He possesses a wide range of knowledge in business management, supervision, planning, leading and organizing primarily in supply chain and operations.


This unique amalgamation of expertise in management and Supply Chain allows him to train in both supply chain and at the same time in soft skills in management and supervision. Known as an excellent communicator and dynamic leader, he is able to effectively engage his audiences. His sessions are interesting and filled with real life examples.


From a career that started in palm oil refinery, Sailesh moved up the corporate ladder and worked in such diverse MNCs like National Semiconductors, Sipex Corporations, Exar Corporations, Intersil Corporations and Atmel Corporations.


Upon his early retirement, he was in Atmel’s Global Planning organization with 4 major business units under him.


Among others, his experience lies in managing and coordinating cross-cultural teams in Asia-Pacific, US, Europe and Canada while working in matrix organizations. As part of management, he has participated and executed extensively in cost cutting measures, transferring operations from the US to local sites and also organizational designs. He works well in diverse situations. In addition, he is known well to 'get down into the trenches' as the need arises.


Sailesh uses the ability to inspire people to greater achievements. Many teach from books, Sailesh teaches from both books and experience. His simple, creative style makes easy learning of comprehension and application. He has reputation for a motivational way of mentoring and coaching.




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