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Key Skills Very Importantly Required In Supply Chain.

item that has always stood out as a MAJOR necessity is the very important combination of “hard” and “soft” skills to effectively manage in an unpredictable commercial environment.

“Supply chain and Operations analytical skills covering Forecasting, Production Control, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Warehousing and Logistics are necessary and important but not sufficient.

Driving to be sufficient in the above scenario comes with soft skills.”

Soft Skills include thinking creatively and the ability to comprehend the big picture. A combination of analytical skills leading to a qualitative output is what is needed.

Looking at an example of Inventory Management, every corporation goes through in today’s world is a certainty and every Corporation in the world goes through the phases of material shortage at some point of time. This is where Supply Chain Managers and specialists are expected to manage the situations and close the gaps. No this could be among the reasons that 64% of the Gartner research survey respondents indicated that problem solving skill as the most important soft skill.

At Black Granite Consultancy, we infuse some degree of the relevant soft skills in all our existing programs.