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Why Us

Black Granite Consultancy has vast hands-on experience of almost 30 years in the industry. The trainers are able to provide real life workplace events to exemplify the training outline and ensure the sessions are engaging. This makes the entire training session much more interesting and is able to relate to daily workplace demands. 


Learning is not a 'one size fits all' action. Everyone learns through different training methods and approaches. Hence the role of a trainer is crucial in developing the competency and skill sets of the individual by drawing out his personal experience and knowledge.


Within a short span of time, Black Granite Consultancy has worked with clients from various industries conducting in-house and public training. 


Our strategy on client engagement includes:


  1. Targeted approach to address the core issues - A simple questionnaire identifies the core issue and the intended resolution
    expected from this course. This is done upon service engagement to ensure we are able to customize the training.

  2. Post Assessment - Participants are tested on the level of improvement. If required by the client, a pre-assessment can be arranged.

  3. Post training support - 24/7 email support and scheduled teleconferencing. 


The results as seen below.


  • Excellent knowledge on subject matter and trainer also provided lots of examples drawing out on his past experiences. The pacing of the course was perfect and also the simulation of the scenarios. Material provided contained all the required material. ~ Siddhartha, Project Mgmt., Jabil (Essential Leadership and Management Skills for Managers )

  • Our consultants were especially happy  on the training on Critical and Creative Thinking. The trainer, Mr. Sailesh was very engaging and was able to draw and articulate many examples from his past experiences in organisational and operations management. What was especially good was the way the examples were used to reinforce our learning of the concepts and our ability to retain and actually apply what we learned. We are currently recommending this similar training for our KL Office as well. _Lim Gim Leong, ABeam Consltancy, Penang( Critical and Creative Thinking)

  • A very insightful discussion on supply chain management and how it can impact the profitability of an organization . Good Inputs for the team to work on. ~ Mahinder Singh, Supply Chain Manager, Norma (MRP and Inventory Management for Profitability)

  • The training n gave us good methodologies in reducing cost down for better margins and profits in relation to my section and area I manage. ~ Khoo Swee In , Purchasing Dept, Sunshine Supermarket, Penang( Cost Savings Through Effective Purchasing Strategies)

  • The Instructor was well prepared. The pace of delivery was satisfactory. I would recommend the course to my colleagues. ~ Annie Ong, Manager, Jabil ( Essential Management Skills)

  • I really enjoyed the training and learnt a lot from  Mr. Sailesh. With so may years of experience , he was able to give us many examples which were so easy to understand and relate to our work.Thank You.> Lee Jie Yee_Lee Soon Seng Plastic Industries.( Production Planning and Control Towards Productivity Improvement)

  • A Good coaching session on Passive Aggressive Behaviors. Mr. Sailesh was able to show good experiences on how to manage staff having these problems. ~ Allan Tan, Project Manager, EnviPure( Managing Passive Aggressive Behavior)

  • The trainer always encouraged everybody to participate and ask questions. This way we were able to learn a lot on solving problems related to supply chain._ Siti Zawiyah Abdullah_ Toshiba Electronics, Penang ( Effective Supply Chain Management) 

  • Personal thanks to Mr. Sailesh for the coaching session on performance and strategic management, as well as sharing real life business case studies. It was a great session and experience. Appreciate it. ~ Sunil Kumar, Senior Vice President, Head of Internal Audit, Singapore Exchange



‘’There are no speed limits on the road to excellence

David W. Johnson"

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